Russ Bruel

Russ Bruel

Senior Coach


About Coach

Russ started life in Miami as a typical kid, only while still in diapers, he would climb up his mom's loft ladder, climb over the railing and jump 8 feet down to the couch below. The search for the closest Gymnastics facility ensued so that Russ could learn to use his gift of physical confidence, safely. The opportunity of Gymnastics opened up his eyes to what was physically possible, and since that day he has been actively participating in the sport of Gymnastics and exploring all that the human body is capable of. From football to paintball. From mountain biking to snow biking. From scuba diving to skydiving. Russ is a movement technician. He coaches and teaches to spread his enthusiasm of possibilities to people of all ages.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

Russ loves to explore what the human body is capable of - either in physical movement or in the practice of massage - and learning everything he can to help anyone who crosses his path. Russ continues to be amazed at what amazing people he has met though coaching, exploring and being physically curious.

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